My decision to do the Metabolic Reset was one of the best ever. I didn't just lose 7 kilos but I also learnt to what was right for my body in terms of nutrition, strength, recovery, and gut health. I haven't counted macros or calories, I haven't restricted food or cut calories but instead I adopted a balanced approach, and for the first time in my life I saw my abs and I still eat rice!

/// Yoko Fung


Trish’s advice has revolutionized my thoughts on Strength & Conditioning and broader aspects of my life. 


Athletically I seek mobility, strength, endurance and explosiveness  I’d struggled to put the pieces together and see improvements across this spectrum; made more complex by a pre-existing spine injury and general ‘fear’ of compound-lifting. Trish’s approach has been to radically simplify, breaking down complexity into chunks I can absorb, move forward with and feel real progress. The combination of learning and positive momentum matters to me.


She has gone beyond the training, taking a holistic look at my desire to improve as an amateur-athlete and create a balanced in life.

/// Graham Harvey


After the program, all the gut discomfort I was experiencing was gone. My digestion improved and I slept better - not to mention that combined with a structured training program I began to see results in the gym that I never had before. 

/// Sajan B