What is

The Plan?

Rebuild your gut, balance your blood sugar and revitalise your metabolism! The Metabolic Reset by the experts at Limitless Health combines the best aspects of fitness and functional medicine in a proven health coaching program that is designed to kickstart long lasting changes to your health.

Do you wake up feeling tired?

Does coffee fuel your day?

Do you think you have a sluggish metabolism?

Are you always feeling bloated, have problems with digestion, or have a lack of appetite?


Do you feel that you are caught in between not actually being sick or ill, but not exactly at your optimal health either?

Do you want to get fitter and healthier but don't know how?


Would you like to get started?


During the 6 week plan, you will learn how to:

  • boost your energy

  • improve mental clarity

  • improve blood sugar balance

  • improve digestion

  • improve sleep

  • balance mood, and

  • improve your mobility and fitness!


We will work with you to make space for the foundation towards healthier habits, creating a sense of hope about your health, build your confidence in making lasting changes that impact your wellness, and help you become more resilient when encountering uncertainty.

The Metabolic Reset is developed by Tricia Yap, who is the Head Coach & Founder of Limitless Health. She is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Precision Nutrition and Poliquin-certified Performance coach, as well as a TedX Speaker. She has a proven track record of successfully coaching clients and coaches to be leaner, stronger, healthier and more resilient.

As a former management consultant and a mother, she understands the demands of trying to prioritise health in a high pressure environment. 


Senior Coach at Limitless Health, Ida Yang, will be your mobility and strength coach as well as one of your supporting coaches during the Metabolic Reset.

Ida is a certified NASM trainer, certified Functional Range Conditioning Specialist, and also holds the CHFI (Clean Health Fitness Institute) Performance Personal Trainer Level 1 & Level 2 certification, as well as Nutrition Coach certification. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, she was a certified group instructor specialising in running a number of TRX, combat, small weight resistance training and core programs in both Beijing and Hong Kong. As an ex-investment banker and mother, she also has the understanding of just how challenging the pursuit of health and wellness can be.